OEM Color Samples

NOTICE to ALL Dye Customers:

PLEASE Follow these Instructions it will save you time and worry

1. ALL DYE Standard or Custom color MUST be completely mixed again BY YOU 

2. Empty 100% of the dye into a container that you can STIR the dye in.

 For the Bottom of the dye bottle just add about 1oz of water to get all the Dulling agent and pigments out of the bottle.

3 NOW STIR to reblend the color, try NOT to creat air bubbles.

4. This dye is not the same color in the bottle as when it is dry so test your color and allow it to dry to see the real color of the dye. 

Example Red Dye looks PINK when WET then drys to the RED color

Please note: These are ALL OEM Colors These are NOT OUR STANDARD COLORS they are ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER colors per each make.

These are OEM samples and if your color is made from these it might not match your colors due to fading by sunlight OR the color as shown on your computer monitor. The NUMBERS under the Color Sample are reference numbers that allow us to FIND them in our computer in SOME cases they are the SAME as the OEM Designation. NOTE: Some colors have different number/letters for different model years but are the same color


When ordering a color USING what you think is the correct name or NUMBER please note that we are getting a LOT of orders where a Friend of a Friend said it was that color. So If you do not see the EXACT COLOR on this website under OEM you need to send a sample (1x1 please) OR you can get a paint swatch sample from Lowes, Home Depot that matches your color. 

Thank you: Ye Old Color Match folks

Best to check your Trim Number with your Dealer or Send us a sample which would be a custom color.

The above list is SOLD using OUR FORMULA ON FILE. There may or may not match your colors since they DO NOT consider wear and fade in the formula.

Contact information: Email: LRPUSA1962@gmail.com