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Are your Leather car seats cracking up?

Autumn 2010


Recently my car seats started to show signs of wear.  Small cracks started to appear at the edges and they had started to fade, what’s more the leather had started to harden in the dry Aus. climate.  All that sun, body oil and fun had started to take its toll on my precious leather seats.


I looked around a bit and discovered I had a few options.  I could get a standard off the shelf product from the supermarket but I felt that I had spent so much on my car that I should really put something a bit more tested onto my leather seats. 


I could have someone come out and prep the seats and dye them but after a bit of investigation I found that all they did was clean the seats with wool cleaner and spray paint them.  The problem with spray painting is that it doesn’t seem to last as it sits on the surface of the leather and will wear off and will crack fairly quickly.

After a bit of investigation and talking to people with old Jags and Rollers I found a product called Leatherique, (pronounced, “leather –eek”).  It is a two step process – rejuvenate the leather, clean it and then prep crack fill and dye if needed.  I decided to take the first stage of this route even though you do it yourself.  I was hoping that I could do a professional job.


Step one:  Rejuvinate and Clean the leather.  Sounds like it could be complicated but all I had to do was massage in a film of Leatherique Rejuvenator.  The guy told me that even if I thought I had put enough on – put a bit more after an hour or so.  He was right the leather just sucked it up.  I added some more and left it overnight but made sure that I left the car in the sun with the windows up during the day.  The guy at PPC told me that the warmth makes the leather fibres relax and drink in the rejuvenator.


The next day there were little films of white residue on the surface.  Apparently this is the dirt being expelled from deep within the leather.  Yuk! 


Step Two:  Clean off the dirt and excess Rejuvenator with Prestine Clean and a wet cloth rinsing continually. You should have seen the dirt that came out. Sounds like a lot of hard work but it wasn’t really, and it was really worth it.  I was rubbing away for a couple of hours – front and back seats and trim.  I turned the radio up for company and the time went.  I quickly saw results.  After a couple of applications the leather was much softer, seemed have a spring back in it and didn’t look as faded either.  My seats weren’t too bad so I don’t need to dye them


The bloke at PPC said that if I had an older car I might need to repeat with the Rejuvenator Oil a few times over a couple of weeks as it’s taken years to dry out the leather and it will take a while for it to soak it back up and soften it. My car is only a 2004 so it responded really well.


All I have to do now is give it a bit of Rejuvenator Oil  and Prestine Clean  each year and it will stay like new.  I wish I had done this each year from the beginning.





PPC (Permanent Painted Coatings) CEO, Rob Harrington-Johnson is passionate about keeping your leather looking good.  Leatherique has been proven and tested over many years in the US and recommended by Roll Royce Club of USA.  “There are two issues here, firstly, protecting your existing leather before it goes off and hardens which leads to cracking.  Then, secondly if you think it is too late then Leatherique will bring it back to a new look – even including a total colour change.  There’s no need to reupholster your old car seats or lounge, Leatherique will bring them back to life.” 

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