Leatherique Standard Colors

These are our LEATHERIQUE Standard Color Samples. There is NOT an up-charge for any of these colors as shown. These colors are Standard to Leatherique Restoration Products Ltd. and may or MAY NOT match your interior color. Over almost 50 years we have found that these are the most ORDERED colors that we make.

There are no returns for this color set. IF you order from this color set and it is NOT an exact match to your color and you can not live with the STANDARD color you ordered RETURN the dye and you will be charged $30.00 to UPGRADE to a Custom Matched Color which WILL require you to send a SAMPLE of the EXACT color you wish to order.

8 oz  $45.00

16 oz $65.00

32 oz $95.00

Contact information: Email: LRPUSA1962@gmail.com