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IMPORTANT 1/22/2022

PLEASE; Empty your entire bottle of dye and stir in a container to get all the parts to remix. DO NOT TEST YOUR COLOR by just DIPPING into the top of the bottle it will NEVER look correct. After almost 60 years please trust the process, (Yea Old Color Match Guy)

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Regards, George and Krysti

(Restore Don’t Replace)

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NOTICE to ALL Dye Customers:

PLEASE Follow these Instructions it will save you time and worry

1. ALL DYE Standard or Custom color MUST be completely mixed again BY YOU 

2. Empty 100% of the dye into a container that you can STIR the dye in.

 For the Bottom of the dye bottle just add about 1oz of water to get all the Dulling agent and pigments out of the bottle.

3 NOW STIR to reblend the color, try NOT to creat air bubbles.

4. This dye is not the same color in the bottle as when it is dry so test your color and allow it to dry to see the real color of the dye. 

5. You can do a test and use a hair dryer to rush the drying process

Example Red Dye looks PINK when WET then drys to the RED color


When ordering a color USING what you think is the correct name or NUMBER please note that we are getting a LOT of orders where a Friend of a Friend said it was that color. So If you do not see the EXACT COLOR on this website under OEM you need to send a sample (1x1 please) OR you can get a paint swatch sample from Lowes, Home Depot that matches your color. 

Thank you:

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR: (click on the Item Name for instructions)





Rematches are only done for dyes that were originally made per a sample.  If you want a correct match, you must send a 2x2 sample.
OEM colors are matched to manufacturers colors as they provide them to us.  Please understand that each dye lot of leather can vary from each batch of hides, colors can fade over time from sunlight or darken from use of petroleum based products, or may have been redyed previously at some point.   Also some cars are specified with certain colors, but if the factory is out of that shade, they use any close color and thus the build sheet will not be accurate.  
Please send a sample for an exact match.  OEM colors are matched to OEM samples only.

From Color match:

Please note that your colors when ordered per OEM or OUR swatches are un-faded colors and will be DIFFERENT to what is in your car unless the car has NEVER BEEN IN THE SUN.
Your color was made to your swatch as sent and done by our technicians using the latest pigments we have in stock. These pigments will change over the years as we get newer or government mandated pigments. If you re-order is for a color OVER 1 year old then we recommend a SAMPLE of what we sent to you or a new sample since that OLD formula would not be good and a 100% match to what we sent you in the past.
You have 30 days to test the color we send you for a match to your project. 

If it was per YOUR sample then return the DYE and we will adjust the color for you. IF you ordered an OEM or OUR COLORS and it is not a match to YOUR PROJECT then you MUST send a Sample of the color you wanted and you will be contacted and billed for a CUSTOM COLOR and shipping.


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PLEASE NOTE that there is NO OIL in the Rejuvinator Oil that name is from the 1960's when people EXPECTED an OIL for their Leather. Hence the name change to LEATHER REJUVINATOR.

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Furniture, Tack and OTHER than cars. Detailed instructions and pictures on WWW.LEATHERCAREBYLEATHERIQUE.com

Why Use Leatherique?

Your chance to JOIN the LEATHERIQUE TEAM. A REAL chance to own your own 
business Earn income doing what you enjoy! 

We make dye for ALL Cars

Several customers have asked about expanded standard colors  that would apply not just to fine classics that we have specialized in for   almost 50 years.   To help our customers who are wanting to  preserve and maintain their fine Chevys, Fords, Nissans, Toyotas, Volvos, etc,  we have expanded our list of standard colors.   These dyes are  affordably priced and you can choose a color that will work for most every car  on the market.   They are perfect if you are freshening an entire  worn seating surface.

Check out or LRP Standard Colors Page for a possible color you can use. Or do look many have done and pick from our Exotic colors and give your daily ride a little bang above the normal colors. 

A little tip for you. If your color is say TAN you can then pick any of the TAN samples we have and then WIPE DYE the complete interior for a new FRESH Custom Look for your car. This will work with any same color family over same color family. 

Main reason is that it is a company family owned by people who OWN the cars and do this with the love only a true car owner can have. Also we have not been bought and sold to create a BIGGER Image.

Our company’s products were originally formulated by George Pavlisko Sr. for ACTUAL RESTORATION purposes, not for commercial gain. Our products actually work and have been used on many of the world’s finest and rarest automobiles, antiques, and for personal use by many experts in the field of leather care and restoration. We where good enough for Eastern Airlines (remember them?) The Smithsonian since about 1970 not just last year. The Henry Ford Museum, The old Harrah Collection When Bill was a family friend and The Jack Nethercutt Collection who was also a friend of George P. Pavlisko. We still make custom dye for a few of the Stars including Jeff Foxworthy. A Few rock stars for their stage equipment (guitar straps and such).

George Pavlisko Jr. has continued the tradition of customer service and
concern for each of our client’s projects. We are always available for
technical questions, and we care about our auto interiors, furniture, and
leather apparel just as you do, and know from experience the best way to treat and care for your leather items.

Our products are the “original” and “Simply the Best for Leather” as dubbed by the RROC in 1968. George Pavlisko Jr. continues research and development to always keep our products cutting edge and “the best”. We aren’t second rate imitators who have sprung up as a result of the internet. Call our office toll free at 877-395-3366, or email us at 
 lrpltd@bellsouth.net, and let us answer your technical questions, and recommend exactly the correct products for the maintenance of your new leather, or restoration.Main reason is that it is a company family owned by people who OWN the cars and do this with the love only a true car owner can have. Also we have not been bought and sold to create a BIGGER Image.

Mailing Your Sample to

Send your 1"x1" sample to:


1725 Pine Log Road

Aiken S.C. 29803.

About Your Sample And Other IMPORTANT things

Custom Dye Adjustment

1. You have 30 days for the shipping date to return the CUSTOM dye OR OEM dye color for adjustment. If you sent sample there will be no charge. If you DID NOT send a sample then you will be charged $30.00 fee. There are NO exchanges adjustments or credits for STANDARD COLORS

2. We DO NOT match variegated colors to a one color dye. This type of coloring is created with multiple colors of dye, and must be recreated with multiple colors of dye. You can send use a SOLID COLOR SAMPLE for EACH of the colors you'd like for the variegation process. This is a very HARD process and does require above average artistic ability.

3. If you DO NOT return the old dye for adjustment then you will be CHARGED the FULL PRICE for the new dye.

:LiabilityAbout our 

We DO NOT Warranty or Guarantee the results of the application of any of our products. If the instructions are followed the proven results of almost 50 years will occur.

1. Our Liability on ALL CLAIMS are limited to the purchase price of the product ONLY. We ARE NOT liable for mishandling, dropping, spilling or any other damage you the customer incur caused by the inappropriate use of our products.

2. Any damage to your package in transit is the Liability of the SHIPPING COMPANY used. You, the customer, should notify and FILE A CLAIM with the shipping company AND use the CONTACT PANEL on the HOME PAGE of Leatherique.com so that we can follow up and assist with shipping information to the carrier if required.

3. For a REFUND of money YOU MUST return products to LEATHERIQUE then you will receive your refund.

4. Please TEST all products in an out of the way area (that can not bee seen) for compatibility to your application.

Contact information USA ONLY: Email: LRPUSA1962@gmail.com Phone 877-395-3366, fax 803- 648-4522