Wipe Dye Technique

The latest and greatest method to use Leatherique Dye on your project.

Items required:

1. "Bounty Brand" paper towels

2. Warm Water

3. Leatherique Dye

4. A Bowl

5. rubber or latex gloves

Step "A"

Take a Bounty Brand paper towel and dip it in the warm water. Now WRING it dry

Make the Towel into a "Powder Puff" NO edges allowed.

Step "B"

Touch the "PUFF" into the bowel of dye (you want a little not a big BLOB. WIPE the towel wet with dye on the surface in a circular motion. NO BACK AND FORTH PLEASE!

Step "C"

Relax in 20 minutes your project should be dry. Can speed it up with a hair dryer if you wish.

Look at the project need for dye, more than likely if you did it correct the first time, then repeat Step "B" as required till you are done.

We have been using this technique for over 5 years and it is the best way to get an ALMOST match to be PERFECT. YOu can do a whole car in about 20 min.

If you had the gloves on all you have to do is dispose of the towel and gloves, pour the dye back in the bottle, put the lid on and store in a dry location out of the sun for future touch up.

Contact information: Email: LRPUSA1962@gmail.com